Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Exotic Location, Weapon And Armor (January 17-21)

It’s been a busy week in Destiny 2. While there was nothing scheduled for this week on the Season of Dawn content calendar, the Destiny community has been hard at work trying to solve a new secret quest located in the strange Corridors of Time. While you can unlock some lore and an emblem from the quest right now, we still don’t know where it will eventually lead–but lots of speculation suggests it might result in a new Exotic weapon.

In the meantime, there are easier Exotics to get, like Devil’s Ruin. And since it’s the weekend, Xur is back in town, ready to sell you a few Exotics from his ever-changing inventory. Here’s where to find Xur and everything he’s offering this week.

Xur Location

Xur is located on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave this weekend. His Exotic weapon this week is The Colony grenade launcher. For Titans, he’s selling the Mask of the Quiet One helmet; Warlocks can get Lunafaction Boots leg armor; and for Hunters, there’s the Shinobu’s Vow gauntlets.

You can find Xur hanging out on Calus’s barge. When you spawn in at Watcher’s Grave, take your sparrow north and climb up onto the floating golden barge. Xur is waiting on the left edge.

Xur Inventory

If you don’t have The Colony already, Xur’s Exotic weapon this week is worthy of your attention, particularly as a tried-and-true Crucible weapon thanks to its seeking spider bots. Lunafaction Boots are also a great get for Warlocks, especially when paired with Well of Radiance in boss encounters.

If Xur’s wares aren’t compelling, you can always roll the dice on the expensive Fated Engram he brings with him. This gives you a single Exotic from the limited pool of ones you haven’t already earned, for the price of 97 Legendary Shards. If there’s something you’re missing from your collection and you want it sooner rather than later, it can be a good deal–starting with the Season of Dawn, all Exotic Engrams are Fated Engrams, but you’ll have to level up your Season Pass or wait for a random drop to get some. Be sure to purchase it on the character who’s missing the Exotic, and note that you can only get one per week, so choose wisely which of your characters makes the buy. If you’re a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of cross-save, you can now potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram as well, thanks to the fact that it’s no longer exclusive to PS4.

Xur Item Lineup (January 17-21)The Colony (Exotic grenade launcher)Mask of the Quiet One (Exotic Titan helmet)Lunafaction Boots (Exotic Warlock leg armor)Shinobu’s Vow (Exotic Hunter gauntlets)The Colony

You’ll see The Colony a lot in PvP matches because it’ll usually guarantee you a kill if you can find Heavy ammo. The grenade launcher doesn’t just shoot explosive projectiles–it fires tiny spider robots that run around looking for targets. It’s a great weapon particularly for the Crucible, where you can fire it in the vicinity of enemies and let the spiders do the work of locating people to blow up.

Mask of the Quiet One (Titan)

Titans don’t have any abilities that can heal them in an emergency, but Mask of the Quiet One can help. The Exotic helmet gives you ability energy when you take damage, and if you’re in critical condition, landing a kill will completely heal you. That makes it great in both PvE and PvP, and rewards you if you’re an aggressive kind of player.


Mobility: 6Resilience: 8Recovery: 10Discipline: 6Intellect: 6Strength: 12Total: 48Lunafaction Boots (Warlock)

There was a time when Warlocks were expected to take Lunafaction Boots into every battle, paired with the Well of Radiance Super. That’s not really the case anymore, but the Exotic can still be extremely useful in tough fights. Wearing the boots causes your Rifts and Wells to increase reload speed for everyone standing in them, and makes the guns of you and your fireteam more effective over longer ranges when standing in an Empowering Rift. If you’re trying to fight a raid boss and everyone needs to stand in a Well, Lunafaction Boots can be extremely helpful.


Mobility: 6Resilience: 13Recovery: 7Discipline: 6Intellect: 6Strength: 10Total: 48Shinobu’s Vow (Hunter)

Hunters get the simplest Exotic in Xur’s bag this week. Shinobu’s Vow has one particular use: it makes your Skip grenades more effective. Paired with an Armor 2.0 loadout that favors grenades, Shinobu’s Vow can help make your grenades pretty deadly, but the use case is also a fairly specific one.


Mobility: 11Resilience: 7Recovery: 6Discipline: 16Intellect: 2Strength: 6Total: 48

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